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For floors with the ‘wow factor then American Black Walnut or Australian Jarrah will create a beautiful contemporary floor.

This is an example of american black walnut

american black walnut
An elegant and stylish wood which matures to a deep rich hue with hints of cream and brown in the grain, creating a floor to cherish and perhaps setting it apart from other woods. May contain some sap. Any knots are filled and the boards are pre–sanded ready for your chosen finish to be applied on site
140/180 mm wide lengths random to 2.4m approx / £49.80m²  END OF LINE SPECIAL OFFER

australian jarrah
Australia’s national wood floor. A beautiful species of eucalyptus with a rich oxblood burgundy colour. It is extremely hard and dense with natural decay resistance. the durability of jarrah flooring makes it ideal for any application and particularly inviting for halls, dining and lounge areas. The boards require a light sanding after laying and your chosen finish applied on site.
130mm wide / lengths random to 2.2m approx / £51.80m²

american white maple
A tough grained wood which may be used in most situations. It is variegated and may display an occasional small knot. Texture is fine and even, with an even warm colour. A popular and beautiful floor.
125mm wide / lengths random to 2m + / £44.00m²

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We reserve the right to change products and specification as we are constantly adjusting our product range to meet our customers’ requirements

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